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This School exists to help all women to take back the total and totally competent control all childbirth, especially their own, and to help all men to make quite sure that all women are completely free to do so.

Childbirth is not an illness! Sometimes things can and do go wrong and specialist help may be necessary. However, when we all get the Independently Available Facts, which we can find and check for accuracy when we know how, we can greatly minimise, and often eliminate, problems when we achieve and support the achievement of REAL Natural Childbirth (RNC).

When specialist help really is needed it is knowing what we are doing that can help us to find and work with the very best of our birth-support practitioners of all kinds. These practitioners are skilled, ethical, humane and trustworthy. Respecting our already fundamental understanding of RNC and our legal and human right, they will work with us as Equal Partners to get our best possible outcomes.

All Our Work Is Totally Transparent And Entirely Evidence Based.


How do we know this?


RNC is having babies as Nature Intends, according to Nature’s design.


Research and the, usually ignored, stories of countless women worldwide is constantly telling us that RNC is birthing mother self-managed, safe, healthy and joyful throughout and it is also largely, often entirely, free of pain, bleeding, tearing and any need for medical management.


RNC is almost always possible when pregnant, birthing and infant nurturing mothers are fit and healthy, mentally and physically, and we all know what we are doing when we have or support the having of our babies.




Dr Grantly Dick-Read MD (1890 to 1959) was the Natural Childbirth Pioneer who wrote worldwide best seller Childbirth Without Fear. Loved by countless mothers and fathers he not supported by many medical people.


Although a non-Catholic, Pope Pius XII recognised his work in 1956. Biblical mistranslations are now widely recognised.


Jessica Dick-Read (1912 to 1998), Grantly Dick-Read’s wife, was the first Natural Childbirth teacher and teacher of teachers.


Dr Leigh Dick-Read PhD (Natural Childbirth), is Jessica Dick-Read’s son. He is a Natural Childbirth educator, support person and RNC researcher. His daughter Jess Sweet is a multi-award winning social and community activist.


Phone: +61 (0) 417 777 703


Elizabeth Drake B Comm is a Doula who specialises in supporting women’s/couples birth plan creation.


Phone: +61 (0) 416 290 317


Enquiries are always welcome from anyone, anywhere, anytime.


Elizabeth Drake and Leigh Dick-Read are widely trained and experienced in many health-support modalities. They work together to make RNC and its lifelong benefits a real, safe and healthy option for all women, men and children everywhere

Both Elizabeth and Jess are Natural Childbirth Mothers





There is so much more to having babies than having babies.

SocietyIS as Society births!




For 1500 years, in spite of miraculous medical advances in more recent times, the way we usually have and support the having of our babies is needlessly unnatural and far too often very harmful.


When women take back the total and totally competent control of all childbirth the need for genuinely necessary medial help can be not only minimised but often entirely eliminated.


When help is genuinely necessary independent and publically verifiable knowledge can help us to find the very best of our birth-support practitioners of all kinds – those who will gladly work with us as Informed Equal Partners.


Research and the, usually ignored, stories of countless women worldwide are constantly telling us that mother self-managed, family and community supported childbirth is designed by Nature to be safe, healthy and joyful throughout, and largely, often entirely free of pain, bleeding, tearing and any need for medical management – almost always.

The unnecessary and avoidable application of medical and other, often serious, interference during pregnancy, childbirth and infant nurturing can be avoided when we all know what we are doing.


We offer free talks designed to encourage action-directed discussion. We give low-costs workshops and run community training programs. We also want to co-create fundraising programs that promote our work and can help us to finance events for people who have limited resources.


Enquiries from anyone, women, men, couples and birth-support practitioners, anywhere are welcome.


We work to support our hosts or their community organisation when they help us by organising and promoting events with us.


Our work is totally transparent and entirely evidence based.


We need Community Hosts to help us to organise and promote all kinds of free and low-cost talks, workshops, community training programs and fundraising events. Hosts know their local and online communities better than we do and can. This is important because so long as our core material is clearly presented we can tailor-make everything we do to meet local community and special group needs.


Some Hosts will have strong personal or business networks. Most will not. Whether you do or do not have a strong network of colleagues, clients or friends we have a Friend-To-Friend Invitation System that can make it far easier for anyone to find people who are genuinely interested in joining us.


No special qualifications are required. What you need to do is simple. Your first step is to contact us. We can then explain to you what we do and answer all your questions. Then we can work together to see what suits you and your community best.