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Dr Grantly Dick-Read MD, MA (1890 to1959), Jessica Dick-Read (1912 to 1998)

Society IS as Society Births

Dr Leigh Dick-Read PhD (SCU –Natural Childbirth),

M App Sci (UWS-H – Social Ecology), BA (Adelaide–Psychology/Anthropology)

Diplomaof Psychological Counselling (ACBS),

Diploma of Natural Therapies (WLC), Diploma of Remedial Massage (WLC)


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      Giving birth back to women and dignity back to men


When women have babies they usually expect to hurt so they go to a hospital. There, hospital midwives and obstetricians, whose knowledge of how humans are designed to have babies is often ill-informed and ill-applied, control women's birthing. Interventions can often disrupt the natural flow of birthing with serious personal and social consequences.


Medical intervention during birthing is, for the most part, harmful to birthing mothers, their partners, their families and society as a whole. It infects us all - generation after generation. It can also do great harm to birth professionals both psychologically and ethically. Unnatural childbirth is almost always unnecessary and avoidable.


This evolving website will tell you why, referring you to data, and what we can all do about it now. If you want to read my more in-depth articles, please e-mail me and I will send them to you.


I am still building this website. This is a new experience for me so please be patient. I was born when the first so-called ''Supercomputers'' were born! I have no USB ports in my nervous system and my valves can blow! This website will expand and evolve!


My aim is to teach you how we are designed to have babies, how we know this and what we can all do now, together, to make birth and life radically different and better. Developing the MINDSETS that Nature requires of us if we are to be able to birth naturally and support natural birthing will radically change us all and society as a whole - worldwide.


Please e-mail me if you have any questions, can point out errors in this website, with references if the errors are not just typos, or if you want to tell me your story.


I need local Hosts and Sponsors for workshops in your area wherever you are on the planet.


We have the research data and many women's stories to guide us. We know what to do. 


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