Who's Who

Dr Leigh Dick-Read


Leigh is a stepson of Dr GrantlyDick-Read MD, 1890 to 1959, Natural Childbirth Pioneer and author of worldwide bestseller Childbirth Without Fear.

Leigh’s mother was JessicaDick-Read, 1912 to 1998, the first Natural Childbirth Teacher and Teacher ofTeachers.

His daughter is Jess Sweet who has two natural-born daughters, Gemma and Amanda.

DEGREES: PhD (Southern CrossUniversity – Achieving Natural ChildbirthThrough Autonomous Proactivity – Research Thesis)

M App Sci (University of WesternSydney – Social Ecology: Research Methodology, and Natural Childbirth in the contexts of Communication, Learning and Design)

BA (Adelaide -Psychology/Anthropology double major with Chinese Language, Philosophy andSymbolic Logic

DIPLOMAS: Psychological Counselling, Natural Therapies, RemedialMassage

CERTIFICATES: Counselling for Domestic Violence and Child Abuse;Montessori Early Childhood Teaching; ASIST - Applied Suicide InterventionSkills Training, Permaculture Design; Teaching English as a Second or OtherLanguage – TESOL Cert IV; Small Business Administration – Cert IV

EXPERIENCE: Royal Marine Reserve Commando – Green Beret (RMV205364); Former Community Development Officer in Port Augusta, South Australia;Seven years training as a secular (non-religious) yogi – Satyananda Ashram,Adelaide; trained and experienced Actor, Singer, Dancer, Dance Teacher, PublicSpeaker; Wide but mostly very basic language skills and more than 50 years business, teaching, community and clinical work

Leigh is POLICE CHECKED withinAustralia for working with vulnerable people.

He is trained to help people to live as well as they can their own way and to die at home with family support, with full dignity and at minimal expense.

He has 50 plus years clinical, community and teaching work

Leigh had serious learning difficulties. At 12 he could not read. Some teachers thought him intellectually defective. He was acutely shy. Still is but he hides it better now! However, he is stubborn! At18 he was admitted to Millfield School in Somerset, England because he scored high enough on IQ tests. There he was labelled ‘Dyslexic’ – his greatest gift! With enormous help he taught himself to learn to learn in many countries, cultures, colleges and occupations.

Based in South Australia he travels to teach and to learn from his students anywhere where he is invited to go and can be financed to do so.

His learning and living continue with Relaxed Passion!

+61(0)476 281 502