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This School is both a school of thought and an active instrument of change. It exists to honour the life, the work, the courage and the memory of Dr Grantly Dick-Read MD, 1890 to 1959, Natural Childbirth pioneer, Jessica Dick-Read, 1912 to 1998, the first Natural Childbirth teacher and teacher of teachers and countless others worldwide who continually give their lives to help us all to rid childbirth, and therefore life, of far too much unnecessary and avoidable pain and harm. 

The avowed aim of this School is to help all women to take back the total and competent control of all childbirth, especially their own, with absolutely no unnecessary and avoidable interference and for all men to be competently able to make sure that all women are totally free to do so. 




The work of this School is – and it can only be – totally transparent and demonstrably evidence based. 

 Research and the, usually ignored, stories of countless women worldwide is continually telling us that RNC is safe, healthy and joyful throughout and largely, often entirely free of pain, bleeding, tearing and many challenges. 

REAL Natural Childbirth (RNC) is having babies as Nature intends, according to Natures design. 

Childbirth affects us all for life, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and, whatever our personal philosophies, spiritually. 

Childbirth is NOT an illness!

For more than 1500 years we have been increasingly interfering with the natural flow of childbirth. The price we pay is very high. 

When we all get the facts birth will be better and we will find ourselves teaching our children the facts about life, and therefore life, from infancy.    Phone: +61 (0) 417 777 703 (Australia) (For short messages and questions)

Our rebuild has begun ... bit by bit ... slowly it will emerge!